Hilary Watson has been employed as a pet nutritionist for more than 30 years. For 10 years, she was Technical Services Manager for WALTHAM® Veterinary Diets, providing nutritional training and technical support to the Canadian and American WALTHAM Veterinary Sales teams. Hilary has lectured on pet nutrition at the Ontario Veterinary College and the Atlantic Veterinary College, has been an invited speaker at 10 Canadian regional veterinary conferences, the CVMA national conference, as well as several veterinary meetings in Europe.

Hilary has a B.Sc. in Animal Science and has completed graduate (Ph.D.) level courses in comparative animal nutrition, protein and lipid metabolism, nutrition and immune function, and veterinary pathology.

In 2009, Hilary authored COMPLETE & BALANCED - 101 Healthy Home-made Meals for Dogs and formulated HILARY'S BLEND™ supplement to balance the recipes in the recipe book. In 2012 she authored HOME-MADE RENAL RECIPES - A veterinarian's guide to healthy home-cooking for dogs and cats with renal disease and formulated HILARY'S BLEND RENAL supplement. In 2013 she authored COMPLETE & BALANCED FOR CATS - 101 Healthy Home-made Meals for Cats and formulated HILARY'S BLEND FOR CATS supplement. She has also formulated several supplements under the brand name AURION for kibble-fed dogs.

Hilary is the owner of HW Veterinary Nutrition Inc. A purebred dog enthusiast for more than 30 years, she currently resides in Guelph, Ontario with her Belgian Shepherds Envy and Bouncer.

Photo credit: Frank Vossen c2013